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#!/usr/bin/env python

# The following script will automatically download the current week's
# TWIC games.  Be sure to edit the setting of scid_database and
# scid_spelling, near the top of the script.

# This version fixes a few bugs, and will use lftp if you have it
# installed, wget if not.  If neither of those work, it will attempt to
# download the URL directly, using Python's urllib.py module (which
# doesn't do regetting, retrying, etc).

# By John Wiegley

# NOTE: This program comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY.  If anything
# goes wrong, it may delete your database entirely instead of adding
# to it!  I recommend backing up your database, trying it out, and
# then adding a "last week rollback" type of copy command to your
# cronjob, just to make sure.

import glob
import urllib
import zipfile
import tempfile
import string
import sys
import re
import os

os.environ['PATH'] = os.environ['PATH'] + ":/usr/local/bin"

if len(sys.argv) > 1:
    scid_database = sys.argv[1]
    scid_database = "/home/johnw/scid/twic"
if len(sys.argv) > 2:
    scid_spelling = sys.argv[2]
    scid_spelling = "/home/johnw/src/scid/spelling.ssp"

print "Downloading the Week in Chess main page..."

url = urllib.urlopen("http://www.chesscenter.com/twic/twic.html")

archive = None
found   = 0
for line in url.readlines():
    match = re.search("http://[^\"]+", line)
    if match:
        archive = match.group(0)
        match = re.search(">PGN<", line)
        if match:
            found = 1

if not found:
    print "Could not find PGN zipfile name in twic.html!"

# I prefer to use lftp here, since it does all the retrying and status
# display for me

print "Getting PGN archive \"%s\"..." % archive

afile = tempfile.mktemp(".zip")

if os.path.isfile("/usr/bin/lftp"):
    status = os.system("lftp -c 'get %s -o %s; quit'" % (archive, afile))
    status = os.system("wget -O %s %s" % (afile, archive))

if status != 0:
    print "lftp or wget not working, retrying directly..."
    fd = open(afile, "wb")

zip = zipfile.ZipFile(afile)

databases = []

print "Unzipping and converting to scid databases..."

for file in zip.namelist():
    if re.search("\.pgn$", file):
        output = tempfile.mktemp(".pgn")
        outfd = open(output, "wb")

        database = tempfile.mktemp()
        os.system("pgnscid -f %s %s" % (output, database))



print "Merging databases into %s.new..." % scid_database

if databases:
    status = os.system("scmerge %s %s %s" %
                       (scid_database + ".new",
                        scid_database, string.join(databases, " ")))

    for file in databases:
        map(os.unlink, glob.glob("%s.s*" % file))

    if status == 0:
        print "Moving new database to %s..." % scid_database
        map(os.unlink, glob.glob("%s.s*" % scid_database))
        os.system("scmerge %s %s" % (scid_database, scid_database + ".new"))
        map(os.unlink, glob.glob("%s.s*" % (scid_database + ".new")))
        print "Spell checking the new database..."
        os.system("sc_spell %s %s" % (scid_database, scid_spelling))

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